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Cam Burns Live

Saturday, August 17th at 7:30pm

High Low

3301 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO 63103

Cam Burns is an up-and-coming songwriter and producer whose passion for expression and collaboration has shaped his journey in music. Cam’s unique Alternative-Pop/Singer-Songwriter style was heavily influenced by his time spent in the Kansas City theater scene, where he developed his ear for music. Artists such as Jack Johnson, Paolo Nutini, Cage the Elephant, and Stevie Wonder have impacted his songwriting by expanding his experiences of lyrics, groove, chord vocabulary, and intuition.


A desire for interconnectedness fuels Cam's passion for music. He believes music is an extraordinarily effective means of conveying complex emotions to others in an easily relatable format. He possesses a deep affinity for crafting catchy melodies and exploring the emotional depth of harmonic progressions.


Cam Burns can also be found producing for a wide variety of local artists in various genres such as R&B, Punk, and Jazz. The collaboration and support between diverse artists create an environment that constantly pushes him out of his comfort zone.


Cam's credibility as an artist is backed by formal music education and training. He began piano lessons at the age of seven and vocal training at the age of twelve. He developed a strong foundation in singing and playing the piano under the tutelage of mentors like Vigthor Sjafnar Zophoniasson, Dr. Jeffrey Carter, Debby Lennon, Dr. Melissa Coppola, and Nancy Mayo.


Webster University brought Cam to Saint Louis, where he is currently a senior pursuing a double major in Songwriting and Sound Recording and Engineering.

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