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Cam Burns


Bio & Background

Cam Burns is an up-and-coming solo artist whose journey through the world of music has been shaped by a deep-seated passion for artistic expression. From a young age, Cam was encouraged by supportive parents to explore various art forms, including painting, video, and live performance. His initial introduction to music began with musical theater, where he honed his craft and found an avenue for creative expression.


Cam's theatrical journey led him to the Kansas City, Missouri theater scene, where he performed in notable productions such as "The Sound of Music" at the Starlight Theater, "I am Harvey Milk" with the Heartland's Gay Men's Chorus at the Folly Theater, "Tosca" at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, and "Chainsaw: The Musical" at the Living Room Theater.


While actively participating in these theater productions, Cam discovered his love for songwriting. He began writing songs on the side and found guidance and mentorship from Vigthor Sjafnar Zophoniasson, his voice, piano, and music mentor. This mentor instilled a passion for self-expression through music and the confidence to pursue a career as a songwriter.

Upon graduating from Lansing High School, his newfound drive led Cam to audition for Webster University's composition program, where he was accepted as a songwriting major. Cam is a junior at Webster University in St. Louis, pursuing a double major in Composition with an Emphasis in Songwriting and Sound Recording and Engineering.


A desire for connection fuels Cam's passion for music. He believes music is an extraordinarily effective means of conveying complex emotions to others in an easily relatable format. He possesses a deep affinity for crafting catchy melodies and exploring the emotional depth of harmonic progressions. The collaboration and support between diverse artists create an environment that drives him to continue investing in his education in this field.


Cam's credibility as an artist is backed by formal music education and training. He began piano lessons at the age of seven and vocal training at the age of twelve. He developed a strong foundation in singing and playing the piano under the tutelage of mentors like Vigthor Sjafnar Zophoniasson, Dr. Jeffrey Carter, Debby Lennon, Dr. Melissa Coppola, and Nancy Mayo. Cam Burns receives his composition guidance and knowledge from his incredible songwriting mentor, Melissa Bishop, who is tuned into the Nashville songwriting scene. 


His musical inspirations have profoundly influenced Cam's unique sound and style. Artists like Jack Johnson, Paolo Nutini, and Stevie Wonder have left indelible marks on his creative journey. These influences have shaped his approach to lyric writing, catchy melodies, vocal versatility, and harmonic progressions.


Cam's music falls within the genre of alternative pop/singer-songwriter. His compositions blur genre boundaries, allowing him to create fresh music that resonates deeply with themes of love, heartbreak, and the profound quest for self-discovery.


Cam Burns is continually growing as an artist, collaborating with his Webster peers, who are musicians, cinematographers, and audio engineers. His dedication to the craft is evident through ongoing creative partnerships and endeavors.

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